A timeless keepsake for your loved one.

Create a custom picturebook with your family member as the main character.

Honor their memory by sharing cherished family lore with children at storytime.

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A personalized picturebook of your cherished memories.

Pass the fond memories that have brought you joy on to your children. Make storytime family time.


Celebrate Life and Legacy

See your loved one beautifully illustrated. Talefeather picturebooks feature your loved one as the main character. They take part in a story that honors their life and the valuable lessons they've shared, affirms family bonds and the importance of remembrance, and keeps their legacy for generations to come.

Inspire Loving Conversations

Our story writing questionnaires offer a gentle and positive approach to discussing a lost loved one. The process encourages families to share cherished memories, celebrate their life, and nurture the unbreakable bond that keeps everyone united. Have meaningful conversations and create a lasting family heirloom at the same time with Talefeather Picturebooks.

A Healing Story for Children

The loss of a loved one can be a confusing and challenging time for children. Talefeather picturebooks feature a special story written to help children better understand death and navigate their emotions through the grieving process. Foster a healthy healing journey through a difficult time with the power of storytelling.

How it works

1. Share your memories

We provide prompts to jog your memory for  heartwarming family lore. Write down your responses in our form for our artists to include in your Talefeather picturebook story.

2. Send us photos

Send us 5-15 photos of your loved one as you would like them to appear in their picturebook adventure, and our artists will illustrate your loved one with the help of AI technology.

3. Approve your picturebook

As our team works on your Talefeather picturebook, you will receive updates from us. When you are happy with the final look, we print it and ship it to your door.

The Healing Power of Remembrance

Our story begins with a mysterious white bird that visits your loved one's house one day. It guides them on a journey of nostalgia, appreciation, and remembrance. Read the story of Martin Ma here, the grandfather of Talefeather's founder. 

Custom Picturebook: White Bird Story

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Custom Picturebook: White Bird Story
Custom Picturebook: White Bird Story
Custom Picturebook: White Bird Story
Custom Picturebook: White Bird Story
Custom Picturebook: White Bird Story
Custom Picturebook: White Bird Story
Custom Picturebook: White Bird Story
Custom Picturebook: White Bird Story

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"After my mother passed away, this custom storybook provided my family with a unique way to honor her memory. The illustrations are stunning, and the story encompasses the love we shared. It's helped my kids through the grieving process, and we treasure it as a priceless memento." 

 BARBARA L., devoted daughter

"Beautiful tribute to my father. Connected generations, eased grief, and preserved cherished memories. Highly recommended."

MICHAEL B., loving son

"This touching storybook has been a source of solace for our family after losing my father. It's beautifully crafted and captures his spirit perfectly. Reading it together has helped my children feel connected to him, and it's now a treasured keepsake for us all."

EDWARD E., grateful son

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